About Me

Football Crazy, Football Mad

Hey there and a warm welcome to my blog. I am football mad and cannot watch or play enough of the beautiful game. I am a devoted Tottenham fan and have been for the past thirty years.

When I am not watching the mighty Spurs at White Heart Lane and every away match, I love playing for a local side. We may not be world beaters, in fact we may not be anyone beaters but we all love playing and have been a team for at least ten years.

I am a season ticket holder at Spurs and go to every match to watch them. There are three in my merry band of friends that go together and this friendship has survived many a FA Cup upset and away game loss. We are finally all agreed on one thing and that is Harry Kane is a legend in the making. We are looking like a decent side now and its great to see us in the top half and challenging for a change.

When I am not playing or watching football

In the rare occasions when I am not involved in football I like to keep myself fit and going out with friends. Most of them are now married but to be frank I haven’t got time in my schedule to fit in a lovely lady just yet. I can’t see many women putting up with the expense or time I spend watching the men in white and if I do find one then she will definitely be a keeper!
Hopefully you will enjoy my ramblings and come back for more instalments of my life drama on wordpress. If you have any comments then please feel free to comment unless you are an Arsenal supporter, in which case your opinion is not valid or wanted!