Name plaques for office

name plaques for the office

I was given the task of ordering the new name plaques for the office last week. we have been talking about sprucing the place up for ages and about two months ago we started to sort it all out. We have had the entire place done up from new carpets and a fresh lick of paint to new furniture throughout the building.
One of the last things to be done was to get all the name plaques re-done for all the doors and all the new directional signs for the place. I was asked to sort all that out and to be fair I didn’t really know where to start. I made a few calls and a couple of the people I spoke to offered the bespoke service I was looking for. I decided on a company I wanted to work with and thankfully they were local and agreed to pop in with some samples and to have a look at what we needed and make a list of all the signs we needed throughout the building.

We met sign company for new name plaques

We arranged the appointment and they came in to see me with a huge array of designs and different materials we could choose from. The building is quite an old one with some lovely period features and we wanted something in keeping with this style for our signs.
We have agreed to also do all the new front signs as well, they were not really planned but they did need doing and so when they company packaged it all up it made sense to go for it.
We decided in the end to go for slate signs. We loved the fact it was a natural material and it was certainly going to give it that polished and upmarket look we wanted to achieve for the place. We also liked the fact that they would be handcrafted and that is was a family run business just like ours. It is often the little things that make the big differences and the signs do look fantastic and have had lots of positive feedback.

Name plaques are a big hit

It took about three weeks before the company called to arrange a fitting date and they managed top squeeze us in the same week. Four of the guys turned up first thing to fit them and they are at it all day. It was a bit of a nosy job and a bit of upheaval for the business for a day but they were good fun and the end result is terrific.

A whole day later and the place is finally done and all the hard work has paid off. The place looks rejuvenated and everyone is really happy with the end result. The internal and external signs and name plaques look amazing and should keep us happy for a good few years, we can’t thank the sign company enough of their hard work

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