Random night out

I had the most bizarre night out this week at the works Christmas party. It all started so well and we were on it from about 12pm after they let us leave early to get ready to meet up at a hotel they had booked for us. We had some food booked then the night changed and we were at a club they had booked for the main party.

We arrived and it was the strangest place I have ever been too. We were greeted at the door by girls dressed in very strange punk/fairy outfits and that was a sign of things to come. There hair was all over the place and they looked like they all had those pre bonded hair extensions in. They were also a bit strange in the way they talked to us but that was all part of the elaborate act they had in store for us.

At every turn the place was odd the decor everything but to be fair it was a cracking night out and we had a blast. Some of the boys got on the shots early in the night and from there it was always going to be a messy one. We finished up about three and it was an epically bad idea not having a day of yesterday as it was a really tough day with a very bad head.

Now we just wait of the big day I am going over Mum’s for Christmas day and looking forward to seeing everyone in the family and catching up. I haven’t seen some of them for ages so it will be really nice to get together and find out what all the latest gossip is from everyone. For all of you out there I wish you a very Merry Christmas and hope you have a fantastic New Year.

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