We face team of Cardiff estate agents

we play a team of estate agents from Cardiff in the cup
We have a big game against a team of Cardiff estate agents at the weekend to get us through to the cup final and an unforgettable weekend. This year has seen us do really well in the cup and we already the furthest we have been since I started playing all those years ago.
Not really sure why the big change this season we have a few news faces but the team is just gelling better than ever and we are playing some really good football. Our new striker has made a decent impact and he’s scoring goals for fun but he is also creating a lot of space for us and this seems to be doing the trick when it comes to winning big matches. He’s huge too so if all else fails lumping the ball up to him or a stack of crosses into the box tends to do the trick and we always tend to get at least one goal which has been the real difference this year. Whilst last year we would have gone with a goal-less draw to bag a point this year we are pressing on to grab the winner.

The estate agents from Cardiff gave us the round around

This next match will be a tough one though, we have played this team before once and they gave us a bit of a hammering. They are all estate agents so its good for the banter and we are a much better team than the last time we played against them. All of the boys are looking forward to it I don’t think they will expect the improvement and hopefully this will give us a big advantage when we face them.
Training has been going really well and we all feel up for it and ready for the next round and to be honest I wish it was today to save the long wait for the weekend again.

Win or lose against the estate agents, big night out in Cardiff is planned

Win, lose or draw there is a huge night out planned to celebrate / commiserate the day. Its the forst time we have come close and we are going to party no matter what. I have to say I think we are in with a big shout and I am looking forward to getting out afterwards and havea few beers with the boys. We dont play again for two weeks so everyone is goimg on it hard to let their hair down and I would expect a few of the Cardiff estate agents to come along and join in the fun www.pmpremier.co.uk

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