My spurs free bet no deposit

Pardew lost me my free bet no deposit chance deal

Spurs let me down with my free sports bet no deposit prediction

Should have know that spurs would let me down with my free sports bet no deposit prediction that I thought was a dead cert. With Kane up front and struggling to miss the target and Crystal Palace being generally rubbish all season I really fancied us for a big win. Away from home did little to dampen this feeling and when I found a free bet online I just had to follow my gut and go for it.

I made the trip to Selhurst Park with a couple of friends I often go with and we all joked about what a coast this was going to be, especially as Pardew who had struggled for years at Newcastle and who often was top money for the sack, had taken over. We got to the ground and most Spurs fans were in very confident mood but this enthusiasm was beaten out of us after a completely rubbish first half. No matter we still have Harry Kane and on cue and just after the second half started he was there to shimmy and plant the ball into the corner of the net. 0-1 and we were rocking and now we thought a rowt was in the making.

My free bet no deposit deal looked a cert

My bet was on and I was nearly counting my winnings until Ledley went through and we were judged to have fouled him in the box. Come on Lloris earn your corn……1-1 nightmare! We can’t lose a local derby again surely but yes we were destined to travel home gutted and when Puncheon scored in the eightieth minute I could have cried. Once again my beloved Tottenham were on hand to ruin my day and give me a mare of a day to look forward to on Monday as one of the lads is a big Palace fan and I had given him loads on Friday about us nailing another nail in their Premiership coffin.
Final whistle blew and within ten seconds my phone buzzed, who could that be? Joe from work had begun the taunting early and he didn’t pull punches in any of the ten or more text messages he sent over the next hour. My own fault yes but am I looking forward to payback not at all. He is already sat busy planning every joke and comment for me to endure tomorrow.

Waste of my free bet no deposit bonus

Tottenham were a complete waste of time for my free bet and I won’t be making the same mistake again in a hurry. Apart for Kane and Lloris I would have them all in hard training tomorrow to make sure they know that sort of low level performance is just not good enough.
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